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We specialise in highly skilled superior commercial carpentry and domestic carpentry. Our team of professional tradesmen are the best carpenters Brisbane Northside & Southside has to offer. Our tradesmen are focused on delivering an exceptional carpentry finish for your project on time and on budget. JVK & Sons Construction has decades of experience in the industry and supervised million dollar construction projects, rest assured your project will be delivered on time and with exceeded expectations.

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Hiring The Right Carpenter Brisbane

If you're in need of carpentry work, it's essential that you hire the right carpenter for your requirements. Carpentry is a highly skilled profession that requires extensive training and specialist equipment, not to mention the ability to complete a job to the lowest possible budget. DIY carpentry might be a tempting project to embark on, but it's likely to result in a poorly constructed and potentially dangerous piece of work, wasted money and even more wasted time.

But how do you make sure that the carpenter working on your house, building, or pet project can deliver, if not exceed your expectations? Here are a few things you can do:

1. Determine what kind of carpentry work you need.

Commercial carpenters in Brisbane specialise in many areas. This is why we have framers (carpenters who construct the basic framework or structural skeleton of houses, buildings, and other infrastructure), joisters (experts at installing floor joists), trim carpenters (designs, crafts, and installs moulding, skirting boards, and ornamental wood trim), roofers (specialising in roof construction), and rough carpenters (experts at wood maintenance and repair, as well as temporary wood scaffolding and framework construction).

Identifying your needs narrows down your search for a carpenter in Brisbane, and ensures you get the right person for the job.

2. Ask for recommendations.

You might know someone who’s recently had some carpentry work done on their home or property. You can cut your search for carpenters short by getting your friends’ and colleagues’ input on where to go, who to hire. More importantly, you’ll get a first-hand account on the talent and quality of the output of the carpenters whom you’re considering to hire. You can also look prospects up on the Internet; they might have websites or social media pages where customers leave reviews. Talented carpenters with outstanding track records will have many customers who can attest to their skills, professionalism and work quality.

Whether you’re renovating, expanding, installing new fixtures, or starting projects from the ground up, professional carpenters will have a thing or two to say about your proposed plans. While you will no doubt want to preserve your original plans, it would not hurt to get a professional’s opinion. They might find potential pain points you haven’t considered or recommend faster, cheaper or easier alternatives to what you have in mind. Carpenters whose recommendations give you every advantage — lower costs, cheaper labour, better output — are the ones you should consider hiring.

Identifying your needs narrows down your search for a carpenter in Brisbane, and ensures you get the right person for the job.

3. Request a quote for the entire project.

Seasoned carpenters should be able to give you a ballpark estimate on how much you will likely spend for the materials, equipment, labour and permits processing. Asking for a quote is also an excellent method for deciding who to hire. You wouldn’t want to sign a contract with a carpenter whose services you can’t afford, no matter how remarkable it is.

Furthermore, when selecting a local firm to work with, you should also look to filter them out by where they are based and their service locations. JVK & Sons is based on the Northside, however, we service the Southside as well as other regional suburbs on a case by case basis.

4. Ask about insurance and certifications.

Professional carpenters may or may not have insurance coverage—you’ll want to hire one who do—knowing that your chosen carpenter is covered for workplace accidents and accidental damage on your property can give you that additional peace of mind.

Certifications are also a form of reassurance: it means your carpenter has undergone extensive training from TAFE institution. You also need to make sure the person before you is a professional who’s truly qualified to work on your home, business, or property. Australia requires carpenters to earn a Certificate III in Carpentry to qualify for residential and commercial work. When you choose to work with JVK & Sons, you’re choosing a team with extensive experience within the industry and on million dollar projects. Rest assured your project or idea is in perfect hands when you choose us!

Quality Carpentry Services in Brisbane

Keep your search for competent and reliable carpenters short by checking in with JVK & Sons Construction. Our certified, Brisbane-based carpenters produce stunning results in the shortest amount of time possible, completing carpentry projects efficiently and excellently.

We are committed to making sure that you're happy with the results of your carpentry job, which is why we'll send out the perfect carpenter for your project to get to work right away. If you require a specialist, simply let us know and we'll match you with the most suitable craftsman from our team.

Hiring an expert carpenter shouldn't be a complicated process, which is why communication is so important to us. We want to work collaboratively with you so that your project meets or surpasses your expectations, so the more exact your specifications are, the better the results we'll be able to produce!

Superior Craftsmanship

JVK & Sons Construction is committed to providing quality work for all our customers and take pride in producing the very best results. We know that embarking on a large project can be daunting for many of our clients, which is why we only hire the very best carpenters in Brisbane to join our team.

We believe that high-quality craftsmanship is about creating things that look beautiful, are functional, and can last for many years to come. Careless carpentry is not only unsightly but also potentially dangerous, which is why our team takes great care to meet our exceptionally high standards for quality every time.

Insured Carpentry Services

In the unlikely event that disaster strikes on your property, you can rest assured that your project is fully insured and covered. We want your experience with JVK & Sons to be the very best, so we'll make sure that every loose end is tied up and you're left with an expertly crafted piece that you can be proud of.
We believe that high-quality craftsmanship is about creating things that look beautiful, are functional, and can last for many years to come. Careless carpentry is not only unsightly but also potentially dangerous, which is why our team takes great care to meet our exceptionally high standards for quality every time.

Locally Trusted Carpenters

If you're a Brisbane resident, you'll know how important it is to hire local contractors. Hiring a commercial carpenter Brisbane-based or a local deck builder Brisbane-based will ensure that your project has a personal touch. Our carpenters have over ten years of experience working in the local area so are familiar with the climate and the expectations of the community. You can guarantee that our team of Brisbane locals will have your best interests at heart as we have a reputation for being the best contractor for carpentry projects and commercial interiors Brisbane-wide.

Our work, including interior carpentry projects and installing quality decks Brisbane residents love, can be spotted all over the city as we have loyal customers based in the area that can attest to our professionalism and commitment to providing an excellent service. When you hire our team to complete your project, you're not only benefiting from a quality piece of work, but you're supporting the local community too.

All of our staff are either trained apprentices or qualified professionals, so you can rest assured that only experienced contractors and carpenters will be working on your property.

JVK & Sons carpenters service Brisbane Northside & Southside. For your free obligation free quote, call or contact us today!


“Great Tradies, always happy to quote and a fair price at that, the workmanship is top class and timing quick, I would highly recommend Jason from JVK and sons to any of my clients and we at Wave Realty use them for all our rental and sales clients work. Great work Guys !!!”

Anya Coory


“Some of your crew have been working in Kingaroy over the last two and a bit weeks and I just want to say what lovely, well-mannered lads they all were. In all that time I didn’t hear one swear word from any of them, which is sadly rare in these days. Congratulations, not just on the standard of your work, which is great by the way, but on the standard of your workers. It was nice to meet Jas and some of the boys.”

Cathy Bennett


“Jase and his team are really professional. We have continued to use them for our home modifications as we have always been impressed with his quality and workmanship!”

Mikhailla Glossat



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What is a Commercial Carpenter?
What is a Commercial Carpenter?

Carpentry is one of the oldest skill sets in existence and these masters of wood are just as needed in our modern times as they were back in ancient times.  In short, a carpenter is someone that designs, constructs and installs structures or fixtures that are made of wood.