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When Jason Van Kuyl – the ‘J’ in JVK & Sons – realised his personal and ethical standards in carpentry and construction weren’t the norm within the building and carpentry industry, he decided it was time to step into his own unique space. As a highly sought after, skilled and respected builder he began to carve out a path less travelled. Combining his penchant for precision with his innate need for positive change in the building and construction space, JVK and Sons was born. Jason and his hand-selected team embraced this new ethos with both hands, applying combined decades of experience and craftsmanship into a company fit to inspire a legacy for his family.

A significant part of this legacy is JVK & Sons solid commitment to become a proudly sustainable company by 2025. Conscious of the environmental impact of their industry, they are constantly seeking ways to improve their business operations to lessen the footprint of their operations. With superior time management skills and attention to detail along with his forward thinking, Jason realised there was an advantage in merging his own abilities with those of his wife Harmony; creating a company that stands proud, in a realm of its own.

Harmony & Jason acknowledge the ecological impact their company has on the environment, with full transparency. With this openness comes the obligation for them to move toward making changes when possible, to provide clients the opportunity to make greener choices in building and the option for carbon offsetting for their renovations and builds, where economically possible. With a dedication to learning and evolving better practices, Jason and Harmony Van Kuyldon’t shy away from the challenge. Their ambition is unparalleled and their openness refreshing when faced with the realities of a wasteful industry.

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‘It’s a steep hill to climb, and we won’t be perfect at it by any means – we want to be transparent about this. Becoming ecologically sustainable is a big, scary and uncharted space – but because of this discomfort and fear, we will find the most fulfillment, both professionally and personally. There’s a need for improvement in our industry and we have set our company the goal to meet and provide more sustainable options for our clients, and those wanting to build with circular and sustainable building approaches’

Harmony Van Kuyl
JVK & Sons - Director

Frequently Asked Questions

Along with wife Harmony and their three children, Jason began JVK & Sons in 2017 to create a fresh, unique company to consciously build towards sustainability whilst not compromising on quality and precision. Harmony – a mindful, practical slow-living enthusiast with a propensity for instilling structure and calm in the construction chaos – joined forces with her husband to become the Marketing Director of JVK & Sons. They have nurtured and evolved their growing business to now employ over 10 tradespeople, who align with their intrinsic values and deliver the highest possible standard of work both in the commercial and residential realm.

With incomparable precision and perfection their primary aim, JVK & Sons believe their work should be done efficiently and purposefully, the first time. Their friendly, respectful team of tradespeople are a reflection of their own empirical values and each tradesperson operates as an extension of Jason and Harmony’s values and in turn, their reputation. Within an industry high on waste, Jason and Harmony are continually monitoring and forecasting their working practices to move toward minimal waste, more circular building economies and the use of the most sustainable materials.

Based in North Brisbane, JVK & Sons cater to the Sunshine and Gold Coasts, Greater Brisbane and North and South Brisbane suburbs. Our team of experts specialise in commercial & office fitouts, carpentry and decks. Send us an inquiry to see if we can be of service to you!

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