Josh M

Hobbies: Soccer, Soccer & Soccer

Josh M is our fast-tracking, proactive first year apprentice. He absorbs skills so effortlessly, making him an industry standout, set on a trajectory to becoming a very successful tradesperson. He is a friendly, helpful team player.

He is also an avid soccer player, and lives and BREATHES soccer.

rethinking the renovation experience

With incomparable precision and perfection their primary aim, JVK & Sons believe their work should be done efficiently and purposefully, the first time. Their friendly, respectful team of tradespeople are a reflection of their own empirical values and each tradesperson operates as an extension of Jason and Harmony’s values and in turn, their reputation. Within an industry high on waste, Jason and Harmony are continually monitoring and forecasting their working practices to move toward minimal waste, more circular building economies and the use of the most sustainable materials.


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rethink the renovation experience with JVK & sons