At JVK & Sons Constructions we have extensive experience in working with high quality, domestic grade materials. We have a skilful team ready to complete any construction project you have in mind – the more out-of-the-box, the better!

We know we have the experience, skills and the perfect team to take on your home renovation or extension project. Whether it be flooring, outdoor design, wardrobe and vanity construction, door/window construction and installation or a full-blown transformation of your existing plan to create a more dynamic, flowing space. We have the ability and skill to pare back your existing home structure right to the bones, and re-imagine the space into an array of different options to cater to your needs.


safety + security

JVK & Sons holds your families and colleagues’ safety and comfort as their number one priority. It can be difficult to open your home or workplace to the comings and goings of tradespersons, and we have hand-selected our respectful, friendly team and guarantee your comfort and peace of mind at every step. Our tradespersons are approachable, accommodating and are aware of the trust you have invested upon them to be inside your residence. We endeavour to minimize disruption and maximise efficiency, delivering your job inside of time constraints and deadlines.


2022: the homebody trend

There is no question that we are home now, more than ever before. In a highly dynamic world – with a constantly evolving lifestyle – real estate has become one of the hardest commodities to acquire. With a major boom in the housing market, we are seeing properties increase exponentially in their market value, and a cataclysmic demand for construction and building. First home owners/investors are purchasing properties before they are even advertised, and there is inherent demand for homes with the potential to expand as the family grows – or working-from-home becomes the new norm!


house-pricing hikes

According to CPA Australia:
‘At the start of the pandemic, some industry insiders predicted a 30 per cent decline in house prices in Australia over a 12-month period. Instead, house prices have been increasing at the fastest rate in 32 years, rising by 2.8 per cent in March 2021 alone.’ (read the full report here.)
There has NEVER been a better time to build your dream space and bring your home/business to life. Whether this means undertaking a full transformational overhaul, introducing a deck/outdoor haven, literally raising the roof to feature cathedral ceilings or adding an extra story (or any combination of these, and so much more!), JVK & Sons are fit for the task.


renovation rampage

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Australians set a new monthly record in Feb 2021, exceeding one billion dollars for the month solely in renovations. Since February, this number is showing to be increasing exponentially, with government-led stimulus packages enticing homeowners to invest in their properties.
Our homes are more lived-in than ever.
Our properties are becoming more valuable.
The market is becoming impossibly competitive.
There is a huge movement north from our southern states, chasing the sunshine and wanting to set down roots in beautiful Queensland. How lucky we are, to already be established here – as Queenslanders.

The housing market is only rising still, providing us the perfect opportunity to manifest, dream and plan our purpose built, ideal spaces in both our homes and workplaces – or MAKE our homes our workplaces, too! Let’s level up, level out, level in – ask JVK & Sons for their expert opinion in turning your home space into a luxuriously designed, well thought-out home with all the added extras to really maximise your daily home life.


home office hacks

With such a forward movement into accessible online platforms in a great proportion of our workplaces, now is the time to trade in those uncomfortable, dark and dank standard-issue office equipment and decor and build and create something that leads to a more relaxed, more productive version of your working self. Think of your most productive environment, dream of your most comfortable working space and relax in the fruits of your own creativity. JVK & Sons encourage out-of-the-box ideas and can present you with so many alternative adjustments and extras to really live out your working-from-home ideals.


online learning, outdoor yearning

Families are moving toward a more online-centric learning environment, with children needing their own home comforts available to them whilst they pivot between attending school and learning electronically. Whilst they may solemnly swear their X-Box is only for ‘down time’ – why not create a learning oasis that has access to a deck, a garden or even an outdoor learning space with connectivity and a stand-up desk to break up the stagnance of sitting for hours? Online learning is here to stay, so let’s set our children up for success with their own spaces for expressing themselves, their creativity and their personality.

your team

respect. listen. deliver.

End-to-End Service

When a customer chooses JVK & Sons, we want them to feel confident that the end result will be what they had in mind. We spend time with all our clients to really get a solid understanding of what they're looking for and how to deliver it on time.

respect of your time

We know how frustrating it is when carpenters or tradies don’t turn up to do the job. That’s why we make sure that it never happens with us. If we quote you for a job, we turn up on time and respect your home ensuring it’s left clean and tidy.

Seamless Delivery

With an in-house team of Trade Professionals and a track record of excellent customer reviews, we’re equipped to deliver your project on time and on budget and most importantly without fuss.

“One of the best parts of my job is meeting our friendly clients and helping bring their paper plans to life. Working with our clients to achieve their goals and help make the building process as seamless as can be is something I pride myself on and I’m a big believer that quality should never be compromised when it comes to constructing perfection.”
Jase Van Kuyl - Builder