high end joinery & carpentry

JVK & Sons set unparalleled standards in their industry for many reasons, one being their unmatchable skills and innovation prowess. With a highly dynamic team encompassing many cumulative years of experience paired with their positive attitude and approach to the ‘impossible’, JVK & Sons are THE team to tackle your most intricate, exacting visions.

Joinery experts provide the planning and designing of your project in conjunction with the carpentry team, to ensure open communication and understanding between all team members as they measure thrice, and cut once to the precise designs forecasted in the design stage. This teamwork and alignment ensures your project gets thoroughly troubleshooted and approached by a harmonious team showcasing diverse strengths and experience. This alignment and precision is a recipe for success in getting your dream project executed seamlessly and without error.

Whether you are wanting balustrades, flooring, windows, roof trusses or incredibly complex staircases and everything in between, JVK & Sons are far surpassing industry standards for their elite-level joinery and carpentry.

In the hands of JVK & Sons, your expectations will be fulfilled and even exceeded, and implemented within the agreed time constraints to keep your project on task. If you have a challenge, JVK & Sons has the solution. Let’s go!

your team

respect. listen. deliver.

End-to-End Service

When a customer chooses JVK & Sons, we want them to feel confident that the end result will be what they had in mind. We spend time with all our clients to really get a solid understanding of what they're looking for and how to deliver it on time.

respect of your time

We know how frustrating it is when carpenters or tradies don’t turn up to do the job. That’s why we make sure that it never happens with us. If we quote you for a job, we turn up on time and respect your home ensuring it’s left clean and tidy.

Seamless Delivery

With an in-house team of Trade Professionals and a track record of excellent customer reviews, we’re equipped to deliver your project on time and on budget and most importantly without fuss.

“One of the best parts of my job is meeting our friendly clients and helping bring their paper plans to life. Working with our clients to achieve their goals and help make the building process as seamless as can be is something I pride myself on and I’m a big believer that quality should never be compromised when it comes to constructing perfection.”
Jase Van Kuyl - Builder