September 19, 2021

What’s the right choice?: Decking vs Paving

Harmony Van Kuyl

Harmony Van Kuyl


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You have a spacious house with an outdoor area! You are thinking about transforming your outdoor area into an outdoor living area where you can relax with your friends and family.

The basic foundation of building an outdoor area is to select the type of floor that you want, and there are two choices i.e., Decking or Paving. This is by far the most confusing question on the internet and people have different kinds of opinions based on their choice and experience. Hence, choosing the right design can become tricky at times.

Considering this scenario, we have created this article to outline the advantages and disadvantages of decking and paving. You can consider all the points mentioned below and choose the right design accordingly.

Decking Vs Paving: Understand the difference

The main difference between decking and paving comes from the type of material used, which forms the overall look of your courtyard. Decks are single/multi-space elevated structures made from timber or composite materials. Paving is done directly on the ground using cement, stones, bricks and tiles.

Decking Vs Paving: Advantages & Disadvantages

Out of these two, decking is easier and the building process is done at a faster speed. It is the number one choice for non-uniform/sloping surfaces. It looks good as well and serves as a complete facade for your space. Coming to the total cost, decking is more cost-effective than paving. But the maintenance of care of decking is higher compared to paving (which is almost zero).

Paving materials come in a lot of shapes, sizes, build, textures, colours to choose from and you can choose the material based on your choice. These require low maintenance and last longer than timber and composite decks. The paving requires more time because the ground is prepared first and then the construction work starts.

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Which one should You Choose?

Making the right choice between decking and paving can be divided into two parts:

The first thing that you should consider is the cost of construction. Building a deck will cost more upfront and may require minimal maintenance from time to time. Decking also appraises the value of your home. Whereas paving requires less cost upfront and requires less maintenance than a deck, but it does not appraise the value of your home.

As discussed earlier, paving lasts longer than decking. However, you can consider building a composite deck, as it is known for long term reliability and less maintenance cost. Composite decks last longer than the wooden decks and they do not deform to decompose like the timber deck (only if they are not taken care of). Compost decks provide the look of wood with material that is resistant to mould, scratching, fading and staining. But, keep in mind that the added durability comes with an extra premium price than timber decks.

While considering the total cost of your construction, make sure that you include the cost of site preparation. A sturdy base is created at first to make sure that the structure stays over the years. For example, while paving you need to spread a complete layer of mortar and sand mixture at the base.

Legal Obligations (The Council Permits)

Before deciding, you should check with the decking/paving guidelines of your council.

For paving, you only need a permit for building a driveway/or any other structure, where water runoff may become a problem. Also, keep in check with your residential area for any regulations for the building driveways. Therefore, you should get complete authorisation before getting started with your project.

For decking, obtaining a permit might be more complex, as there are numerous factors involved such as the height, size of the structure, or any local regulations/state licensing. Therefore, it is the best option to contact a licensed build to make sure that your construction meets all requirements of the state.

Which one should you choose?: Decking vs Paving

Both decking and paving are good options to utilize your outdoor space and enjoy with your friends/family. To make the best decision you must consider the advantages and disadvantages of both constructions.

Again, you should consider your outdoor space, cost, maintenance, and your long term/short term plans for the outdoor space. You can also consider your property as a whole and select the one that complements it in the best manner. Once you have noted down all these points then you will make the right decision!

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