October 7, 2021

Will Salt Damage my Composite Deck?

Harmony Van Kuyl

Harmony Van Kuyl


The composite deck is made from eco-friendly building material manufactured using recycled materials put together to give the finish & feel of wood. It is becoming popular as it is easy to maintain and ideal for…

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The composite deck is made from eco-friendly building material manufactured using recycled materials put together to give the finish & feel of wood. It is becoming popular as it is easy to maintain and ideal for people who want their decks to last for a long time. It is the first choice of environmentalists to make sure that their deck didn’t come from a tree.

However, there is one question that people ask over the internet is will salt harm my composite deck?

This question comes as the composite deck looks similar to wooden decks and many people think will salt damage the composite deck as well.

Well, the straightforward answer to this question is No, but still many people have doubts about it. To clear all doubts, we have put together this blog! Keep reading. We have a lot of information to share on salt & composite decks.

  1. Understand the effect of Salt on Composite Deck

People are concerned about putting salt on their decks because it has a drying effect, which can damage its strength and rigidity. It is true if you have a wooden deck because it will dry out the wood. However, the composite deck is made from recycled material and made to look like wood. But, it is not real wood, and this is the reason why most manufacturers recommend using rock salt in winters.

Abrasive substances can damage the composite deck surface, but salt is not coarse enough to damage the surface. However, we would still recommend you to rub or press the salt against composite decking. With little care and attention composite decks can last over long periods. It is a great alternative to wooden decks and an ideal choice for people living near the beach.

  • Clean the salt residue

Salt residue is a flaky substance that covers your composite deck in contact with salt. It looks dirty and makes your deck slippery. Cleaning the residue is easy, and you have to take a pressure washer, connect it to a garden hose and give a strong spray of water. In case if the residue layer is very thick, then use some phosphoric acid to remove all the stains.

  • Clean your deck regularly

Cleaning your deck regularly is simple: rinse it with soapy water until the water runs clear showing no sign of dirt or stains. In case you have any plants or any other accessories, then make sure to use organic soap. Chemical-based soaps can damage your beloved plants.

  • Protect your composite deck

A composite deck is vulnerable to abrasive materials and can damage the entire surface. Hence you should avoid using abrasive cleaning brushes. Stay away from oil, as it can leave permanent stains on the composite decking. Make sure that you use plastic shovels to remove snow during winters, as the metal shovels can damage the deck’s surface.

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