September 12, 2021

Which is a Better Investment: Deck vs Patio?

Harmony Van Kuyl

Harmony Van Kuyl


So, you are planning for some renovations in your house, you have your Wishlist ready full of all luxuries such as the pool, or a sunroom. These are all the facilities that you always wished to have, but all these…

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So, you are planning for some renovations in your house, you have your Wishlist ready full of all luxuries such as the pool, or a sunroom. These are all the facilities that you always wished to have, but all these facilities do not add much to the resale value of your house.

Also, some of these upgrades might even decrease the value of your house, as the buyer’s decrease because only limited number of people might want such upgrades. But a deck or a patio is something desired by a lot of people, which increases its value in future.

So, the question arises, which one should you go for? Deck vs Patio

How much value will the Deck appraise to your house? Or how much value will a patio add to the house? If you are having the same questions, then you must read this blog carefully as a complete guide to understand the benefits of building a deck and a patio.

How Much Home Value Does a Deck Add?

Building a quality deck increases the value of a house, and many experts have claimed that a quality deck can increase the cost of the house by 76% of the deck’s value. This is way higher than many other home renovation projects. For example, if you add a deck with a value of $10,000, then it can appraise the cost of your house by 7,600.

Just like any other real estate investment, the cost of your house depends on your locality, and climatic conditions. For example: A deck would not be a good idea for areas with heavy winters, but it would be a great idea for areas with warm-weather.

The material quality also impacts the resale value of the house. The wooden decks offer complete value for money, as they are affordable & preferred by many buyers. On the other side, composite decking is an expensive option with better longevity, but it has less desirability than the wooden decks.

How much Value will a Patio Add?

Patio is a place to relax and enjoy the outdoors without leaving the comfort of your favourite furniture. Outdoor patio is cheaper to install than a conventional deck, but it still adds value to your home. For example, if your patio had an installation cost of $5,000, then it increases the value of your home by $5,000.

Surely, Patio adds more value to the home rather than decks because a 100% increment in value is outstanding! But, keep in mind that not all patios can give such returns. If you spend money on things that are not desired by other people then you might be at risk of losing value. Keep things simple! Most people want a big yard with grass, and enough play area. Hence, a small patio area is way more desirable than a big patio. Also, there is a big influence in the materials used while building a patio such as brick, hardwood, concrete, flagstones, etc. However, over the past years, concrete has given the best value due to the low construction costs. Apart from this outdoor lighting also impacts the resale value of your house.

What about the Covered Patio area?

A covered patio provides shade and privacy to your courtyard. This makes it the perfect area for grilling in the summers and enjoying the outdoors. It does not matter whether it is sunny, raining or stormy, you can sit in peace and enjoy the outdoors. 

But the ultimate question remains: Does a covered patio add value to your home?

Yes, a covered patio also adds value to your home. But keep in mind to not do too much!

By too much we mean that you should not invest highly as the returns might not increase in the same proportion. We recommend that you go for mid-level construction to get high returns on your investment.

However, we would recommend you to build your dream deck, and enjoy it for years, as the joy & experience overcomes the extra cost. Also, in the long run, you can try to sell your house.

Deck Vs. Patio: Which is easier to build?

Patio adds more value to your house than a deck. But, both of these definitely appraise the value of your house. Therefore, it is always better to choose the option that you find fit for your house. But, one more thing that you need to consider is the construction process of both the deck & patio.

Patio is easier to install than a deck, if you are going for a concrete construction, then you need to put the concrete. Let it dry and it is done! Also, the patio requires some extra preparation before starting because the area has to be flat and compact. Many patios require reinforcements to give the best structure possible.

On the other hand, the deck can be installed on the flat/sloped surface. But it does not require a support system built by professionals. The deck has to be secure to the ground with deep, cement holes. Also, they require waterproofing materials to make sure that the foundation of the deck is strong, while building the deck.

Before you start building, make sure that you read our blog about the important things you cannot miss out while hiring a decking contractor.

What about the permit for building decks?

One more thing that you need to consider is the permit to build your deck. A permit is required, if your deck is 30 inches above grade. In many cases you won’t require a permit. A permit is not required for a deck with less than 30 inches above grade or smaller than 200 sq. feet of area. All these rules depend on your locality and you need to check with your local administration before you start building your deck.

You can consult with an experienced deck builder, whether or not you require a permit. Once you know that a permit is required, then you need to apply for the permit by filling out a form with details of your decking plans.

Taxation on Deck vs Patio?

Adding a deck or patio will increase the resale value of your property, what will the taxes go up as well?

Well, the clear answer is that it depends!

Different cities have different laws for taxation, you need to consult your local administration for details. Generally, decks increase your taxes slightly, as it boosts your property’s value. But this is similar to any other construction such as a swimming pool.

But this is not something that you should be worried about. As the taxation would be far lower than the Value added by deck/patio. Also, you are going to use the same for years to come. Overall, it is a better deal to go for!

Deck Vs Patio: Which one adds more value?

Building a deck or a patio significantly increases the resale value of your house. But the patio is cost-effective, requires less investment, and boosts the value by 100% compared to the 76% boost from decks. The clear winner here is the patio (concrete ones to be specific) that offers the best returns against the cost.

If you are considering this as a financial investment, then you should go for a patio, but if you like decks for your home. Then you should go for decks because you are going to use it for a longer time and enjoy it! Overall, you should go for the construction that you want. Spend your hard-earned money on the structure that you love to have because it will compensate for the difference of 24% returns, on the other side your happiness is priceless!

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