One of the projects we are particularly proud off is the 600m2 rooftop function area constructed in Anne Street. This beautiful function area was installed complete with tile and decking system and consist of outdoors work pods and seating areas. The function area is designed to provide employees or guests with comfortable outdoor function space. These work pods consist of adequate lighting, beautiful tables and are created with beautiful wooden panels for a natural yet luxurious feel.

If you want to sample what true craftsmanship is like then we welcome you to have a look at some of the projects completed by JVK & Sons Construction. Our business has been providing carpentry services for a long time and has handled many projects since we first launched our company in 2017.

Material – Outdure Decking

Construction and installation

  • 600m2 Outdure Decking
  • 8 WorkPods
  • 70m Perimetre seating
  • Access stairs
  • Podium seating

If you have a large scale project and need a highly skilled team of carpenters for construction then we welcome you to give us a call on 0435 944 814 so we can discuss your project further.