September 30, 2021

Can Composite Decking Get Slippery When Wet?

Harmony Van Kuyl

Harmony Van Kuyl


As professional deck builders, we take the safety of our clients as our topmost priority. We always recommend our clients choose the best decking materials, as these are not only beautiful but safe as well. If you are…

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As professional deck builders, we take the safety of our clients as our topmost priority. We always recommend our clients choose the best decking materials, as these are not only beautiful but safe as well.

If you are planning to build a courtyard or a patio, then you must consider choosing a composite deck. These are suitable for outdoor use as they are made from recycled plastic and wood. It comes with the same finish as wood with high durability. These do not deteriorate in contact with water and are ideal for people living in harsh weather without any extra maintenance.

Everybody wants the best safety for their family, and we want to serve you with the best. Now, one of the most common questions: “Is Composite Decking Slippery?”

Yes, the composite decks are made using special material to avoid all possibilities of slipping/falling. In the majority of cases, it will not cause any accidents. Even if the composite deck is wet, then it should not be slippery, but there are still chances that the composite deck might feel slippery at times. In this blog, we have mentioned the top reasons why your composite deck might feel slippery at times.

Top Reasons Why your Deck Might Feel Slippery

In general, the composite decks are not slippery. But there can be multiple reasons why a composite deck might feel slippery. Here are the reasons:

  • Dirt and Debris: Over time, the dirt and debris fall and accumulate on your patio. If this situation continues over a long time, then it might be a safety threat to you and your loved ones. It is not a fact about uncleanliness, but also of mould formation. If this is left untreated, then your composite deck might become slippery due to grown mould and fungus. This is something unnatural with the composite decks, but mould and fungus can grow on the debris, leaves and pollen. 
  • Accumulation of Ice Water: Winter season can make your deck very slippery, and it is not a particular case with composite decks. Composite decks are not slippery with water, but they can get slippery if there is an accumulation of water and ice on the surface. Apart from this, the composite deck can cause accidents, and damage the patio as well.
  • Old Composite decks prone to the slippery surface: If you have an old composite deck, then there are chances that the deck might become slippery with time. The older generations of composite decks absorb the moisture faster that can lead to mould and moss formation.

How do I prevent the composite decks from getting slippery?

Now that we have explained to you the possible reasons why your composite deck might slip. Let’s learn about the ways to prevent composite decks from getting slippery. You can follow all these tips to make sure that you remove all possibilities of slipping on composite decks:

  • Clean your deck or patio properly: The first step here is to make sure that your deck/patio stays clean of the fallen leaves, dirt, debris, and pollen. As we have explained earlier, this increases the possibilities of slipping, therefore you should scrub them with a brush. But, make sure that you do not do this vigorously that damages the floors.
  • Keep the deck dry: Composite decks do not absorb moisture, but there are chances of moulds and algae developing over the surface. But, keep in mind that you should keep your floors dry during the winters. It decreases the chances of slipping, but you should protect your deck. One of the most common practices to tackle winters is to use abrasive methods to remove the ice.

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  • Use non-slip rugs: An excellent way to remove the chances of slippage is to use non-slip rugs that improve the traction of your feet on the surface. It is one of the best ways to remove all kinds of rubber rugs and mats during the winter/rainy season when floors are wet. 

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