September 22, 2021

Are Rats Attracted to Wooden Decking?

Harmony Van Kuyl

Harmony Van Kuyl


Well, this is a common question around the internet these days, people ask that using a wooden deck will attract rodents? However, the straightforward answer to this is no! Rats are not attracted to decks…

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Well, this is a common question around the internet these days, people ask that using a wooden deck will attract rodents? However, the straightforward answer to this is no! Rats are not attracted to decks. Instead, they are attracted to readily available sources of food and water.

This is the reason why rats are prominently seen in food storage containers or areas with spilled nuts/seeds that come from bird feeders.

The reason why people associate rats with wooden decks is because rats are often found living under the decks. The small space underneath the deck is also an attractive place for rats to hide, build a nest and stock up on food. Keep in mind that this is not something directly related to the deck, because rats can live in any tiny dark place that they may like. Rats are often seen living in both indoor + outdoor conditions as they may live in your garden and then run back under the sheds.

We are going to cover both of these conditions, and suggest you the appropriate measure to discourage rats from living in your garden and protect your deck.

How to Discourage Rats to Live in your Garden

Check your drainage system and inspection chambers. If there is any repair required, then do it immediately.

  • Do not leave any food on the ground. If you have pets or especially birds, then clean all the fallen food immediately. Also, never feed your pets on the deck, as the food can go in through the gaps.
  • There are plastic compost bins available with hard standing/slabs, you should use them so that the rats cannot go underneath. Ensure that the lids fit well. Also, keep in mind that when you regularly turn your compost bins open, you will see a 2-3” diameter ideal for rats to burrow.
  • Make sure that there is no trash lying around in your garden, remove all kinds of old furniture/mattresses to eliminate all chances of rats building a nest there.

How to Protect your Decks from the Rats

  • Hire professionals who can install the deck with properly spaced timber decking and cladding association.
  • Close all possible points of access underneath the deck. You can fit a 5 mm hole pattern welded with a mesh wire with a vertical net of 300 mm towards the deck edge in touch with the ground.
  • Do a careful inspection of the space underneath the deck, lift a deck board or a trap door that can be lifted easily. Consult your deck builder to install a good quality manhole/drain cover for accessing the vermin traps laid out.

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Wooden decks do not attract rats, but you need to make sure that you follow all these!

In summary, don’t blame your deck if you have rats in your garden. Take appropriate precautions – give them nowhere to live and nothing to eat or drink to keep these pests at bay.

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